Founded in 2015 by Callum James Johnston, Leicester Event Medical has quickly become a leading name in medical services, offering a range of services for the commercial, media & events sectors throughout the uk.

Leicester Event Medical is divided into three main departments; our Event Services Department, Training & clinical education department, and our transport department. We are committed to delivering client & patient focused  solutions across the UK. Our Event services department specialises in providing ambulance services, event medical cover, and TV / Film unit medics whilst our Training & clinical education department provides first aid & workplace  training courses and clinical education. Finally, our soon to be open Transport department will provide basic & specialist transport for patients, ranging from hospital to home, care home to care home, repatriation & critical/HDU transfers.


Our Team

Our team is the most visible side of the company and as a consequence, we consider it vital that they are selected from the best applicants. We will ensure that our teams are the best trained and highly experienced.



All of our team, whether instructors, clinical or office staff follow our standard operating procedures. Along with specific clinical directives, These policies ensure we are offering the best possible service to YOU, the customer and our patients. all of our policies are available on our website.



Leicester event medical managment Services is managed by both clinical and non-clinical members on its board of directors. The business management team are responsible for the development of the company, They build the company’s clinical practice guidelines, training, and first aid course content.


We are proud to have built our business up from a ne man team to a multi department corporate company, that still remains family run. we are also proud to be respected providers in our industry, with each team member being dedicated to customer satisfaction and, of course, the best possible patient care. All of our clinical staff are either registered professionals or nationally accredited assistance staff. We are committed to delivering a patient and client centred approach to everything we do. 

The Future.

Each of our clinical and non-clinical team members is the future of Leicester Event medical. We are continuing to grow and are expanding., improving our position within the market whilst retaining our focus on both Training and Acute & Emergency Event Services. Here at Leicester Event medical, every single member of the team are committed to providing the best possible service. We guarantee you will never find another provider who is as innovative, attentive and imaginative as us.

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